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We develop land and make them ready to for construction purpose. Sewage, electricity and road facilities are arranged in the land. The individual, organizations and corporate houses which are in search of land for residential as well as business purpose can contact for our quality real estate service. We also guide and assist our clients for paper work and legal process of purchasing land.

We have a dedicated team of engineers and construction workers who construct houses as per the standards set by the government of Nepal. Our houses are built in such a way that they are well equipped with modern facilities and are Earthquake and other disasters resilient. So, we sell our houses to the clients who are in need of houses and buildings.

We also provide customized service as per the need and the features of the clients by developing land and constructing both residential and commercial buildings


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Acknowledging the present situation of real estate sector in which most of the non- professional brokers are reported to be engaged in non-transparent deals, frauds and with limited choices to the clients; Lalitpur Ghar Jagga Pvt. Ltd. aims to make Nepal's real estate sector professional by providing high quality, transparent and credible services in buying, selling, constructing, renting and leasing of houses and lands in Nepal.

We provide all kinds of high quality and ethical real estate solutions under one platform.

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